Popcorn Texture Removal in Boynton Beach


If your home or business was constructed from the mid to late 20th century, it may be equipped with what is called popcorn ceiling. This example of a textured ceiling enjoyed brief architectural popularity but is now generally considered dated and cumbersome.

If you are in need of dependable popcorn ceiling removal services, you can entrust the expertise of Color Combinations Painting. Our contractors have enhanced the look of countless homes and business, removing unsightly popcorn ceilings and replacing it with a smooth, elegant finish. Our workmanship is exceptional, and we offer our services at great rates.

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Prompt, Meticulous Removal of Dated Popcorn Ceilings


While some vintage features add endless charm and character to a space, popcorn ceilings are not among them. Not only is the appearance dated, but they are nearly impossible to keep free of dust and dirt. They are also quite difficult to maintain when they crack. Furthermore, popcorn texture removal can even imply health hazards. At one time, asbestos was a common material for popcorn ceiling, and if your home or business was built in or prior to the 1970s, this could be cause for concern.

When you are ready to revamp the look of your interior, simply reach out to our diligent and reliable contractors. Beginning with an inspection, we will refinish your ceiling to a modern and clean aesthetic.

We work with patience and precision to ensure dependable results, and make every effort to work safely and neatly in each location. To get rid of popcorn ceilings once and for all, contact us today!


Proven Methods for Ceiling Refinishing and Popcorn Removal


We employ a variety of resources and techniques to remove textured ceiling finishes and replace it with a new ceiling option. At present, the industry standard is a knockdown application or a smooth skim-coated ceiling application.

During this process, Color Combinations Painting protects all furnishings and items within the home to minimizes dust and debris. We only use top-quality sanders and vacuum systems to contain the area and leave the rest of the home as clean as possible.

We then install your desired finished ceiling, bringing your space into the 21st century in no time!

Drywall Contractors with Years of Dependable Experience


We have been providing dependable services to clients in Boynton Beach for a number of years. Our wide range of specialties is customized to the needs of each home or business owner.

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Modernize Your Boynton Beach Home or Business with Popcorn Ceiling Removal


Say goodbye to popcorn ceiling with prompt ceiling refinishing and removal, completed by the experts at Color Combinations Painting. We have the services you need to significantly update your home!

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