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Boca Raton Interior Painting, Exterior Painting and Popcorn Texture Removal

Interior Painting

Interior painting is where you can tell a good painter from a bad one. Interior painting is not at all forgiving like applying paint to an exterior surface. We take the time to protect all interior surfaces from paint and dust. Surface preparation is a large part of what sets us apart from our competition. All drywall surfaces need to be checked thoroughly by patching all holes as well as any minor scratches, dings, dents and imperfections in the original drywall finishing during construction. Once we have completed the wall prep we apply the first coat of paint and allow that to fully dry. A second round of patching takes place before a topcoat is applied. Two coats is a must to achieve a proper paint film that will last for years to come.

At Color Combinations we stay on top of all the new and innovative product hitting the market and with Pro accounts at all major paint manufactures you can count on we know which product is right for the task. You pick the paint color and finish and count on us for the rest.